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Helpful Hints to Prepare for a Remote Audit

By March 5, 2021March 23rd, 2021Audits, Tips

While CMS has been conducting audits for many years via webinar, the new reality is that many of the Plans being audited this season may have workforce at home.  Following are some tips to consider if your audit team cannot gather in person.

Have a communication plan

If your team will not be gathered in a central location, you will need to have a plan for side-bar conversations.  Determine if you will use text messaging or a combination of landline and mobile devices to ensure you can still have private conversations. Make sure you have a contact list and know all players primary and secondary contacts.

Communicate the communication plan from leadership to all personnel

Ensure that everyone is familiar with the communication plan and has tested the technology they plan to use as primary and backup. Know your emergency contacts and make sure the contact information is widely distributed.

Have IT resources available

This applies for in-person audits as well, however may be even more important in a remote audit situation.  Ensure your IT teams are aware that an audit is occurring and that dedicated IT personnel are available to troubleshoot in the event of challenges.

Identify a lead and a backup for each area

This is another tip that applies to in-person audits but is critically important for remote sessions.  Joining remotely can often mean one more technical issue that would prevent a key resource from joining a session.  Ensure that you have back-ups that can cover for and speak to key areas.

Other helpful housekeeping tips

  • Turn off all pop-ups, IM, emails, and anything else that will be a distraction (Including a busy desktop)​
  • Sign-in in advance to all applicable systems that will be used​. Don’t wait until the webinar start time.
  • Identify yourself when speaking and project clearly and confidently. Test headsets and any other technology devices you plan to use in advance. ​
  • When accessing any system for the first time, provide the auditor with a brief description of the application​.
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