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From the time you receive the final Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) audit report, you and your team have 150 days to correct deficiencies found during the audit, hire an Independent Auditor (IA) to conduct the validation audit, and submit the validation audit report to CMS for review.

BluePeak Advisors can assist you in two ways, by 1) providing the Independent Validation Audit (IVA) for CMS and 2) providing mock validation audits before the CMS validation audit to ensure your universes are “clean,” meaning all conditions found during the CMS program audit have been remediated. Just as we provide support for clients undergoing program audits, BluePeak can also provide support for you and your team during a validation audit.

BluePeak began conducting validation audits long before CMS formalized the process in 2015. From 2010-2015, BluePeak performed 30 validation audits. In 2016, BluePeak completed 11 validation audits, utilizing CMS’ IVA process, and as of November 2017, BluePeak completed 13 validation audits.

Our experienced teams have worked with plans and CMS to submit validation audit work plans that are accepted by CMS. As such, we are privy to the level of detail CMS requires in order to accept a validation audit work plan – detail that is not included in CMS guidance.

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