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Medicare Sales & Marketing

BluePeak has operational and compliance support that can make things easier for you and your team every step of the way.

Download the Medicare Communication and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG)

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Sales & Marketing Oversight Assessments

Post AEP is an excellent time to take an inventory of how things went and where you can improve.  BluePeak’s Sales and Marketing Assessment can help you do just that!  Our assessment can be customized to your needs and includes:

  • Review of organizational structure
  • Tele-Sales Center Workflow-including scripts
  • Agent and Broker Oversight
  • Annual Training

Our comprehensive report will provide you with a roadmap of areas for improvement.

Bid – PBP Quality Reviews

It’s important that the Plan Benefit Package (PBP) you submit accurately reflects the intended benefit design described and supported by the bid pricing tool. BluePeak has experienced reviewers who have a strong understanding of the bid data entry process and can review the PBP for accuracy, implementation, and compliance. BluePeak reviews for alignment of PBP data that reside in several areas, optional (either mandatory or supplemental) benefits vs. core Medicare covered benefits, described throughout the PBP data.  BluePeak establishes communication with key stakeholders to ensure the intended benefit design is submitted. We can help establish processes for best practices and relieve some of the stress associated with bid submission and operational implementation.

Member Material Development and/or Review

The bid has been submitted and it is time to begin the member material review process. BluePeak has a team of experts that are trained and experienced in developing member materials, reviewing materials for common (and uncommon) errors. BluePeak incorporates best practices in every step of the process including comparing materials to the PBP and all current regulatory references. BluePeak’s materials support process includes work on over 300 member material documents annually.

Broker Assessments

Need oversight of your field marketing organizations? Often plans delegate activities to their brokers or general agencies due to lack of resources. Oversight is a critical component to the success of your FDR and compliance program. BluePeak understands the nuances of ensuring each delegate is performing sanction reviews, maintaining licensure, training, and appointment documentation, as well as collecting and providing accurate, timely responses for follow-up inquiries, such as scope of appointment or marketing material misrepresentation complaints. Let us help you conduct your oversight before you find yourself buried in another AEP cycle.

Sales Training Development Support

Need a solution on how to deliver your product specific training? BluePeak can develop customized computer-based training for sales agents and brokers highlighting changes and new features of the Plan specific benefit design. This offers a convenient and timesaving way for agents and brokers to learn about your unique plan design.

AEP Agent Secret Shopping Reviews

BluePeak performs live and recorded reviews to evaluate the compliance of the prospective sales calls. BluePeak representatives will conduct mock prospective member calls. During the call they will request plan information, review in-network providers and confirm formulary covered medications. The secret shopper will test hold times, TTY, language line, agent knowledge of the plan benefits, as well as providing you feedback on agent soft skills, all while ensuring your contracted agents are following the CMS marketing guidelines.

We are your trusted partner.

We are a trusted partner to some of the most respected pharmacy and healthcare organizations, including: Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, Medicaid Programs, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Employers, Medicare related payers, such as SPAPs and ADAPs, as well as law firms, marketing firms and supporting entities.

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