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A large segment of our business is focused on pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies and assisting  with compliance, operations and interim staffing solutions.  Our seasoned Managed Care Pharmacy and Medicare/Medicaid subject matter experts and business managers have worked in all areas of PBMs and understand the challenges facing you with resource limitations, demands on systems, cost containment and client pressures and the onslaught of daily CMS guidance and state/federal regulations.  Here are some of the services BluePeak offers:


BluePeak staff has worked on both sides of the CMS world, as PBM business owners, Compliance Officers, CMS auditors and regulators.  This experience and expertise gives BluePeak the edge of being able to support PBMs, understanding the business challenges that you face, as well as how CMS will audit you and your customers and their processes.  Therefore, allowing for better preparation and maintenance of your compliance programs.


BluePeak staff has worked in the trenches at PBMs and health plans and understand the challenges that businesses face with limited resources and increasing CMS demands.  Our team can provide subject matter expertise across all operational areas of your business to enhance your business processes, fill in compliance gaps, provide interim staffing and train your staff to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.


BluePeak has seasoned experts who are proficient at product strategy and development.  Whether it is assisting plans to go into new markets with new products, providing direction on starting an EGWP or PDP, or providing CMS benefit design and bid assistance, BluePeak can support new and existing plans to help grow their businesses.

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