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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – Strategy Details

  • Strategic Product Planning/Reimbursement Strategies: BluePeak works closely with pharmaceutical companies on new products to assist with product launches, market messaging and government and commercial reimbursement strategies.
  • Formulary Management Strategies: What will the plans and PBMs do to manage the new product?  Step therapy, prior authorization, and lock-out?  How will Medicare handle it?  BluePeak can provide insight into these issues with staff who have been working on Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees their whole careers and who currently work with all the major health plans and PBMs.
  • Pull-through Strategies: What are plans able to do to drive market share in a particular drug class in particular markets?  BluePeak consultants can help pharma with most likely strategies that plans and PBMs will employ.
  • Client Strategies and Issues Support: BluePeak can support pharma companies with factual information on what government entities are telling health plans and PBMs regarding formulary management.  Learn what the HPMS and regulatory guidance from CMS really means.
  • Contracting Strategies and Support: Are there innovative contracting strategies that will produce desired market share movement in a particular therapeutic class?  BluePeak consultants can assist with these questions.

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