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It is Always a Good Time to Think About Star Ratings

By September 9, 2019September 14th, 2019HEDIS, MPF, Star Ratings

As you checked your plan data that will be displayed on Medicare Plan Finder (MPF) for accuracy during the recent second plan preview, were you happy with your Star Ratings? If not, what are you doing to improve your Star Ratings?

BluePeak provides a comprehensive analysis of critical Star Rating inputs that contribute to each domain to identify gaps that prevent Plans from achieving optimal Star performance. BluePeak reviews individual inputs, but also reviews the inputs comprehensively to leverage interdependencies and create synergy.

Based on the assessment, BluePeak makes recommendations that are client-specific and prioritizes those recommendations to get the largest improvements for your dollar, while considering the timing of the improvements.

One of the most common areas that BluePeak sees plans fall short in their star rating efforts is in duplication of efforts.  Multiple initiatives such as stars, quality, risk adjustment improvements, medication adherence and HEDIS efforts can result in redundant messaging to both members and providers.

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