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In Case You Missed It! CMS New Marketing Module Training–Big Changes Coming

By May 26, 2021June 15th, 2021CMS, HPMS, MCMG

On Friday May 28th, at 5pm ET, CMS will provide Plan Sponsors access to the new HPMS marketing module.  The new marketing material module has enhanced functionality and will provide tools to Plans to facilitate tracking its marketing materials.  Materials submitted before May 28 will continue to be available through a legacy material link.  The new module will allow Plans to manage the life cycle of materials.

In addition, CMS has created a new process for Plans who utilize third-party created and distributed multi-plan materials.  Effective May 28 the author of the third-party material will be responsible for coordinating with Plans before material submission.  There will no longer be a lead plan or affiliated plan associated with multi-plan marketing material.  Each Plan may choose to opt-in or opt-out of the use of the CMS approved material.  In order to coordinate third-party, multi-plan materials, the Sponsor will have to grant access to the third-party.  Access is limited to submission of multi-plan materials and the designee will not be able to view other materials on behalf of a Sponsor.  Make sure your organization grants access to the entity who is creating multi-plan materials.

CMS also reminded plans it will not be releasing an updated Medicare Communication and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG) for calendar year 2022.  Policy guidance contained in the MCMG has been put into regulations at 42 CFR Part 422 Subpart V and 423 Subpart V.  Make sure you update your policies and procedures to reflect this reference change.

Sponsors and third parties will have to use the new HPMS Marketing Module for all submissions after 5 pm EST on May 28, 2021. A new user guide will be available in HPMS to assist staff with how to navigate the new functionality.

MMP plans will receive updated state specific guidance before the end of August.